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It's Me - Toucat


Alex • Female
Taurus • Gemini
:thumb397726253: Labradors • Toucans • Girls • NYC • Television • Driving • Laughing :thumb397726253:

"I don't really have a preference for how to refer to me. Some people call me Alex and some people like calling me Toucat. I'll respond to both of them no matter what. I've been drawing since I was 14. Well, officially drawing on the internet. I've been doodling and coloring on things since I was old enough to chew on my art supplies. It's always been a hobby though. I enjoy making art but I tend to lose motivation for art when I'm being paid or expected to do something. Perfect, right? Apologies in advance for not taking commissions!

I dabble around with multiple projects and like to stay moving. I tend to focus on the producing side and love kickstarting things. Following through is not my strong suit. Also, memory. That's not a strong feature of mine, so you might need to remind me of things every now and then. I've taken one too many car accidents to the head. BUT, I do remember my friends. So, if by chance we happen pair up our personalities and decide to explore the enchanting caves of friendship, I'll definitely keep you entertained! I like making new friends. Jumping in and out of friend circles is how my life stays interesting!

Glug-glug-pixels by Colonels-Corner



Spinach and Artichoke stuffed Garlic Bread

Where To Find Me


You can find me at these locations:

Furry-Paws (#281720)


:iconirvingsdeeds: :iconpythodraco:
:iconcloverpups: :iconstarfishpups:

My Four Nerds


Pixel: Rainbow Heart by apparate You nerds talk to me every single day, and for that I am grateful! Pixel: Rainbow Heart by apparate
:iconcolonels-corner: :iconzhenious: :iconrainboestarz: :iconrelaxcupcake:

"Alex smirks, her hand resting on Serene's thigh. Serene makes a face, flipping her bangs. Zhen looks ahead, adjusting her glasses uncomfortably.

-Written by relaxcupcake





Avocado, Brie, Bacon and Chicken Sandwich

Chicken N' Waffles!

Tango the Toucat


Male • Toucat
Created in 2008

"Tango is a quiet soul who enjoys living alone in the Amazon. He raised himself and thus it took him a very long time to find out that there were other Toucats in the world. Despite having wings, Tango is technically unable to fly. He can sustain flight for only a few minutes due to his underdeveloped muscles. However, running and climbing are things Tango loves to do and his record land speed is 64 miles per hour. His desire for the berries that grow in the canopies are what perfected Tango's climbing abilities.Tango is a pescatarian and his favorite meals are catfish and red berries."

Tropical by SadbloomTango Icon by touc

Creating A Toucat


I don't hold claim to the gryphon species as a whole - being the combination of birds and cats. There are loads of different combinations for toucan gryphons as well as different types of toucan beaks. Please feel free to make your own toucan gryphon but I would ask that you please try to not copy what Tango looks like. Thank you!



Old Bay Maryland Crabs with Corn

Sweet Sammy


RIP Sammy 7/5/15

You were one of the nicest and most thoughtful friends I have ever had the pleasure of having in my life. I have never met someone who was so selfless and happy to love other people as openly as you did. This world has lost someone great. I love you and will always love you. I can only hope to be half as good a person as you were every single day.
I miss you Sammy.

Ring Ring • Banana Phone!


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